Dog agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the UK. Dog and handler work together to complete a series of obstacles such as jumps,  see-saw, weave poles and A-frame in the fastest time possible and the least number of faults, working as a team dog and handler form a special bond.

Agility training is great fun and also provides a fantastic way to train your dog. Control is vital for agility and most people find that their relationship with their dog improves as does the dogs behaviour and obedience. Agility can also provide a great social life. Whether you choose to attend a weekly session just for fun or decide to compete you’ll be amongst like minded people with the same thing in common – their dog. Our annual fun day is always popular and during summer months we are in demand for exhibitions.

Most dogs were originally bred to do a job of work. Although our pet dogs now live in a domestic environment almost all dogs still have a need to work in some way. Agility provides both a physical and mental stimulant. Agility isn’t just for Border Collies any dog take part in the sport from Yorkshire terriers and Corgis to Rottweillers and Labradors.  I have seen three legged, one eyed dogs and people in wheel chairs competing all over the country.


Agility can be seriously addictive. You may start out as a “just for fun”, and before you know it, you’ve got several dogs, a van and a caravan, your holiday is taken up by shows and most of your salary goes on entry fees. Agility is a fun, very social and rewarding sport.

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