One-2-One Dog Training
Sometimes class situations are not always the best ways to train a dog especially if the dog is very nervous or anxious. Your dog will find it difficult to concentrate on command if it is worried about what is going on around it. Some owners can’t come along to a class for a variety of reasons. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable learning in unfamiliar surroundings or you would like a little more individual attention to help train things such as loose lead walking or a life saving recall. Maybe you just need a little reassurance that you are doing the right thing. You could be bringing a puppy or a rescue-dog home and would like to get off to the best start possible, we can help you and your dog. An experienced instructor will work with you and your dog to build a training programme to suit your individual needs and aims. The training methods used are positive, kind and easy to follow. Your session will last for approximately one hour.

Behavioural Consultation

If your dog is displaying specific unwanted behaviours consultations are available for a variety of issues. From barking to house training up to aggression problems issues we can help. During your consultation a full history will be taken in the comfort of your home. This has the advantage of being able to observe your dog in familiar usual surroundings which gives a truer picture of the problem. We will help you understand why your dog is doing these unwanted behaviours and how you can rectify the problem. Consultations last approximately two hours and all behaviour consultations have a full written report, a follow up telephone consult and further visits if required.

Puppy Home Visits
These can be done before your puppy arrives or once the puppy is home with you and will give you the information you need to help your puppy settle in and start off on the right paw. During one of these sessions your instructor will explain:
Puppy development, bite inhibition, chewing, house training and how to avoid problems in the future as your puppy goes through the various stages on their way to maturity. This home visit will take approximately 1.5 hours.