Dog training and classes

Puppy class

We welcome all puppies up to 6 months. In this class, we concentrate on socialising your puppy with other dogs and people, showing you how to teach your puppy the basics like sit, down, come, walk on a loose lead and look at how to establish some basic rules for a relaxed life with your puppy.

Training Tip: Start training as early as possible and keep it fun for your puppy.

Basic Dog Training

This class is open to all dogs from 6 months onwards that had no or very little training.

We will have a look at how to get basic control of your dog, progress the basic exercises like sit, down, stand, stay, walking your dog on a loose lead past distractions and recalling the dog in difficult situations.

Training Tip: Build up your training in small steps, if you make the exercises too hard, training will be frustrating for you and your dog!

Advanced Dog Training

If you and your dog already had some basic training and you want to further your training skills the Advanced Dog Training course is open to you.

We will work on getting off lead control over the dog, control the dog at a distance and more exercises to help you to train your dog up to a point where you two can enjoy relaxed walks and manage common situations.

Training Tip: Your confidence is one of the keys to a successful relationship between you and your dog.